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Graduate Programme

Motus invites new graduates to apply for the graduate program. This is a two-year program which involves working clinically within one of the Motus clinics and being under the direct supervision of a senior colleague within the clinic.

There will be weekly mentoring sessions with this person who in turn will be overseen by our head of clinical education. The new graduate will take part in monthly in service training sessions with the other new graduates under the supervision of a Masters qualified clinician. Motus has developed a two year clinical education program which forms the basis of these sessions.

In addition to this each clinic will hold its own monthly in service education session and our new graduates will be expected to actively participate in presenting some of these. Motus has numerous contacts with various sporting teams and organisations and for those new graduates interested in the field of sports medicine there are ample opportunities to be involved. We offer a competitive salary package for the first two years of our graduate package. Beyond this our physio's move on to a base salary structure with an incentive based pay. Motus is actively involved in forming contacts with like-minded clinics in the UK and Australia to offer opportunities to our staff when they decide to do their requisite OE.

Applications are now open for 2018 

Application close 30th September 2017.  Interviews will take place the week of 10th October 2017.

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Profile: Jennifer Croker, Physiotherapist

Jen BW

"Being involved within the Motus graduate programme has allowed me to achieve the most from my first year out of university. It was a massive learning curve, but having regular individual and group mentoring helped me develop and build on knowledge gained at university. The programme allowed me to get the continued learning and support which is needed for a new graduate in order to develop as a physiotherapist in the musculoskeletal sector."

"The support is huge and I have been lucky enough to receive mentoring from five different senior physiotherapists and spent time with an orthopaedic knee and hip surgeon, podiatrist and running coach. These experiences are not only great opportunities, but also aid in my practical and multi-disciplinary team skills."

"In the future, I would like to see myself getting further qualifications in a chosen speciality area and ultimately gaining the knowledge and support in the business sector to own/run my own practice."